sleepin dogz press
Tre Amici Songwriter Series 2008
Jessie Stehlik Business Owner

"A Sleepin' Dogz show is a musical meal that is equal parts sweet, spicy and satisfying. With two people as obviously in tune with each other as Leo and Jeannie are, you know you're watching something special."

Prostar Sound Stage 2008
Rocco Colello Concert Promoter
"There is showmanship and energy to spare when this dynamic duo takes the stage. With Leo anchoring their sound with his strong and inspired guitar work, and with Jeannie's amazingly expressive voice soaring through their songs, the audience is treated to a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Their live show is filled with passion, humor, and just plain fun."

Tampa, FL Television Station Studio 10
Studio 10

"This Vero Beach based duo has continued to impress Tampa Bay area music-lovers since their first visit to Pro Star in September 07."

Local Buzz Magazine Nov 2006
Dana O'Kane
2006 The Local Buzz Magazine
(Referring to Leo Burke) "His emotional playing makes itself evident throughout the songs."
"The vocals and musical arrangments are very listenable."
"an amazingly talented duo"

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CD Baby 2005 “Outstanding, sexy vocals by frontwoman Jeannie Blatus, who writes from an honest and experienced heart.” “Simply put it's fantastic” ”wonderful original stuff; never gets old; gets better with each play!” ” How this little band has been overlooked by the big show, whether New York, L.A. or Nashville, is beyond me. This album is worth twice the price and the band is even better at a live show. Lets hope there's a second helping.

Ft. Pierce Tribune 2004
Bill DeYoung
2004 Ft. Pierce Tribune
"Blatus is a powerfully emotive vocalist."

Brevard Live Dec 2004
Christopher Long

December 2004:
"has the freshness of early alternative."

Brevard Live Oct 2003
Christopher Long

"contains the classic feel of Bonnie Rait and Fleetwood Mac while maintaining a new mellinium edge."

sleepin dogz awards
Leo Burke Finalist as Musician of the Year and Jeannie Blatus Finalist as Songwriter of the Year for the song "Shaykitoph" ~ Songwriter Showcases of America

“Pick of the Week” 104.1 Real Radio FM

2004 Winners of the Budweiser True Music Battle of the Bands

2002 Jeannie Blatus Finalist in Suwannee River Spring Fest Songwriter's Competition
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