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November 2012 Poop Scoop

Greetings music lovers! Can you believe it? It's NOVEMBER already?! What happened to this year? With Thanksgiving right around the corner I can't help but to reflect on all the many things for which Leo and I are grateful. First off... with the election FINALLY behind us, we will no longer have to tolerate the barrage of annoying phone calls and obnoxious political commercials! AAAAAAMENNN! I know we are ALL grateful for that! But seriously folks, Leo and I are truly blessed. My injured arm is finally showing signs of improvement. Yaaaaaaay! It's only taken a mere 9 months :P Seriously...I'm not's healing and that's what counts! Business is also picking up with our new mobile dog grooming biz Tubby Time Mobile Grooming. What's that you say? You didn't know that in addition to seriously rocking, the Dogz also groom DOGS?! Dats right :) We sho do! It's a lot of work but it's very rewarding. Anyone who knows us, knows we love anything involving helping our furry friends. We are blessed with being multifaceted. That being said, if I might add another shameless plug to my other biz Painted Paw Portraits. If you're looking for a unique Holiday gift, why not consider a custom oil pet portrait by yours truly?! Ok...shameless plugs...CHECK. Now, back to the blessings. We have been so overwhelmed with love and support for our return to the stage after our three year hiatus. The Sleepin' Dogz family of fans and friends is as strong as it ever was and we love you all so much! A thousand thank you's. We are healthy and happy, what more can we ask for? Can I get another AAAAmaayon?!

We have lot's of musical yumminess going on this month. Since I'm late in getting the newsletter out this month (slackah) I want to give a shout out to the fantastic folks at the Ft. Pierce Farmer's Market. We played there Sat, Nov 10th and it was a blast! A special thanks to Theresa Dormi with Kee Botanicals for getting us rebooked there! I'm sure we'll be booking there soon. We'll be returning to our home base Waldo's on Sat the 17th and Fri the 30th. Both shows are 8pm-11pm. On a side note, Lee Olsen and Joe Smith from Waldo's have a talk radio show called "The World According To Waldo's". It airs on 107.9fm and via live streaming on iheart radiothursdays from 3:30pm - 4:30pm. Here's another fun tidbit... Sleepin' Dogz wrote their theme song! So tune in and have a laugh :DBut I digress...back to the shows! On Fri Nov 23rd we will be rockin it with the kool kats at Blue Star Wine Bar. We love Kitty, Glenn and the rest of the Blue Star peeps. Show starts around 8:30pm til mid. On Sat, Nov 24th we return to the oh-so-hip Kilted Mermaid.We had a super groovy time last month when we played there and are very excited to return. Show starts at 9pm. On Sunday, Nov 25th at 2pm, we'll be performing at Endless Summer Vineyard & Wineryin Ft. Pierce, FL. What?! A vineyard and winery in Ft. Pierce?! Yes...and it's waaaay cool! Can't wait to spend the day jamming and tasting some delish local wines. Yummmmo!

So there you have it....November in a nutshell. We hope to see you soon.

~Food Comas & Warm Gravy Lovin'~


"In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy."

-Brother David Steindl-Rast

October 2012 Poop Scoop

Ok, so the looooong wait is finally over! Leo and I are officially booking SD shows. We are very excited to get back on the horse and gallop our way to the stage. Of course we're doing it in true Sleepin' Dogz fashion...we've booked dates before we even have a show together! We work best under pressure, or so we have to tell ourselves in order to keep from freaking out. We decided in order to get our chops up, we would start out by simply trying to relearn our own material! Such a weird feeling to pick up my guitar and not have the first clue of how to play "Shaykitoph" or "Secret Admirer". Songs that we've played in various venues hundreds of times...gone from our tiny brains. Scary. But having blown the dust off our instruments...and ourselves for that matter...we're hoping that with a little practice, everything will fall into place in time for the barrage of shows we have scheduled for October!(Fingers Crossed) Once we're running like a well oiled machine, or even a squeaking, rusty machine, we'll start to add some new material and perhaps add in a lil' keyboard work by yours truly. However, I play the keys the same way I play the guitar....taking a deep breath, desperately hoping my fingers land in the right place! Sometimes yes...sometimes...eeehh...not so much :P But it's fun, nevertheless, and we plan on bringing that element into the show more and more. So here we go!

We'll be starting off by playing each Wednesday in October at our home base, Waldo's in Vero Beach begining around 7pm. We have a very special place in our hearts for Waldo's namely due to General Manager Lee Olsen for his efforts in memorializing my brother, Michael, with a beautiful bronze plaque on the outside deck. We love that place! Next, we'll be making our first appearance at Inlet Wines & Brew in Sebastian on Fri, Oct 12th and Sat, Oct 20th from 8-10pm. We're excited to perform for Jesse and the IWB crew. Our next adventure is playing at Blue Star Wine Bar! We're so stoked to bring a little Dogz action to Kitty and the Blue Star's, stars. We'll be there on Fri, Oct 19th, and Fri Oct 26th 8:30 to midnight. On Sat Oct 27th we get to perform at another Vero venue for the first time, The Kilted Mermaid! We love it's eclectic, trippy vibe and look forward to rocking out there. Show is 9-midnight.

And so we begin a new chapter in our musical lives. I can hardly wait to see what's in store...

" Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect." -Alan Cohen

June 2012

Here it is folks....the moment you've aaaallll been waiting for...Sleepin' Dogz...AWAKE!!! Dat's right...I said it...Sleepin' Dogz is finally ready to start booking shows again. Leo and I are so grateful to have such amazing fans/friends. We're starting out with relearning some of our old faves and working some new material into the show. I've written a few theraputic songs for me regarding Michael, and as you would expect, they're a bit too personal and painful to perform out, but I plan on placing them on our next record. For those of you that don't know this already, I injured my left arm and have been unable to play guitar for 4 months. Boooooo.....But...the bright side is that in the meantime, I've been teaching myself to play the keyboard in it's place...Yaaaaayyy! I found significantly less painful to play (for my arm, not necessarily my ears). Although I'm no Jon Lord, I'm doing the best I can and its been a fun challange. And the really super duper shiny bright side is that my arm is doing better and now I'll be playing both in our shows. Now to all you Smoking Man fans, don't you worry your purty lil heads. We are still planning on rocking in both projects. We've been having such an amazing time. Nothing like the feeling of belting it out with Sheldon Shrum and hearing Leo rip out a screaming lead with the band thundering full-bore! So be sure to check our tour dates page for either a Smoking Man or Sleepin' Dogz show. Who knows? Maybe we might even combine the two and have a Smoking Dogz show....or.... how 'bout... Sleepin' Well...either way, we're back everyone, and looking forward to seeing you soon! Woot Woot!

~Suntans and Sweatiness~


"We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey."  ~Kenji Miyazawa

September 2011

Well Dogz fans.... it sure has been a loooonggg time. Two years and two months to be exact. After the devastating loss of my brother Michael, it's taken me this long to claw my way through the thick, sludgy muck of grief to finally breathe a little again. It's been a long and excruciating process. To be quite honest, there were times I was doubtful I was going to be able to survive such an intense level of agonizing heartbreak. But...I did. The support I've received from all of you has been overwhelming. I forever remain humbly grateful for all the hugs, emails, phone calls, and cards. Those that knew and loved my brother, and there are many, will never be the same. He was a funny, smart, kind-hearted, generous man with a beautiful soul. He will be forever missed.

I never expected to be physically able to perform again. My emotions are so interconnected with my music that every time I would attempt to sing a note, even of some happy little ditty, my throat would tighten up, and I would start bawling. I couldn't even sing in the shower! I was sure the music that had once lived in me, died with Michael. But slowly....oh so slowly...the tiny little spark has begun to faintly glow again. It's all been baby steps. But steps nonetheless...and I'm grateful for them.
One of these steps has begun with the reuniting of Leo's old band 'Smoking Man'. For those of you that weren't around the Indian River County area in the late 90's, Smoking Man was THE best rock cover band around. The line up included Sheldon Shrum as lead vocalist, Leo as lead guitarist, Chris Peterson on drums, and Steve Sanders on bass and backup vocals. Sheldon can be heard on our "Sleepin' Dogz" CD singing back up vocals and playing bass. They're band absolutely slayed!!! Well...with one of the objectives being to get my broken ass out there singing again, the band has reformed with the original line up and myself as a new addition. It's been a blast! I'm playing crunchy, electric guitar (wooohooo) and singing back up vocals as well as the occasional lead vocal spot. Being more of a support person rather than center stage has taken a ton of pressure off of me. I found it to be the perfect way to get my feet wet again. The material is all cover songs for now, until I'm strong enough to perform my own material. I'm not quite ready to allow myself to be that vulnerable on stage yet. But the cover material totally KICKS BOOTAAYY!!! Fun, party music...just what the Dr. ordered. It's still going to be a while before I'm ready to perform as Sleepin' Dogz, but in the mean time, we're doing some serious RAWKING!!!! Smoking Man is in the process of booking shows and we will post them on our Sleepin' Dogz tour dates page.

Some other big news...Leo and I finally tied the knot! I know what you're thinking, " Really? I thought you guys were already married!" Yea....we get a lot of that! But we actually made it official April 16, 2011. We're both thrilled. After such a horrible tragedy, we felt it was time our families had something happy to celebrate! And celebrate we did! We had a lovely, intimate beach ceremony with my amazing brother Christopher officiating. The reception was held at the River House in Vero Beach with our faaaaaavorite musical group, "The Sarah Mac Band" performing for us. It. Was. AWESOME!!! They came aaaaallll the way from Tallahassee and it meant the world to Leo and I.

So here we are, Mr. and Mrs. Burke, moving on to the next proverbial chapter. We look ahead with great anticipation for what the future holds both in our music and our day to day lives. Thank you for being a part of it all.

~Stay Strong~

"The world was never meant for one as beautiful as you."
~Don McLean


It is with the heaviest of hearts that I tell you that my dear brother Michael committed suicide last Tuesday, July 14th. I am completely lost. Leo and I know that we have the support of you all and we are forever grateful, however, I will not be singing anytime in the near future. This has stolen the joy from my voice and it's going to take a long time to get it back, if ever. Thank you all for your love and kindness.




June Poop Scoop

So here we are in the second week of June and I’m just now getting the newsletter out! I’m punctually challenged, which has always gotten me into trouble in day job land…hence the current career choice. It’s not that I don’t want to accomplish tasks in a timely manner, I’m just easily distra…oooo look…a pretty butterfly out my window…oh…uhhhhh…I’m sorry. What was I saying?

Anyway, I’d like to start off with a heaping helping of gratitude to everyone who offered their condolences regarding Caesar. You guys really came through with your kind and supportive emails proving yet again, that the Sleepin’ Dogz family is a tight one.

We’d also like to thank those of you who were able to come out and support the Humane Society by attending our benefit concert at Sebastian River High School. It was big fun performing on a theater stage and even better knowing it helped the fury critters of Indian River County!

Speaking of fury critters, I’m embarking on another creative journey involving people’s pets. Some of you may not know this, but I not only enjoy the blessings of the musical muse but I also dabble a bit in the visual arts. Lately I’ve been having fun painting pet portraits. Since I’ve found it to be thoroughly pleasurable I thought to myself, “Hey…why not try and make a little extra cabbage with this?” (So here comes the shameless plug) If you or someone you know would like an original oil painting of the family pet, let me know. You could have a lasting memento, and help support a starvin’ artist at the same time! Where’s the bad thing there?!

…..and now for something completely different. (my homage to Monte Python)
We’d like to humbly apologize to our buddies in the Sarah Mac Band for having to postpone our Tallahassee show with them. Due to the proverbial “circumstances beyond our control”, we were unable to make the trip and had to back out last minute….not cool. We ask forgiveness and hope to plan a show with them very soon. After all, it isn’t fair to hog up all of Leo’s dreaminess for myself. I know it’s only right to spread it around a bit.

We will, however, be traveling at the end of this month to our favorite venue in St. Petersburg, Fl, Prostar Sound Stage. On June 26th, we have the pleasure of opening for Lorna Bracewell's final show in the Bay area…at least for a while. Lorna is leaving to be a full time doctorate student at Uof F in Gainesville. We’re all very excited for her and wish her well. The show will also include performances by gifted songwriter Lexi Pearson and the psychedelic sounds of Beatnik Castle featuring Francillia. Tickets are $10.00 at the door, which includes tasty goodies and some of Jeanette’s “special” fruit punch. The doors open at 7:00pm, show starts at 8:00pm.

One last thing…I’d like to give a shout out to our friends Sheldon Shrum, John Aughinbaugh (formerly of 4 Steps Closer), Ray Hengerer, and Dave Ullrich on the birth of their latest band “Crooked Creek”. With Dave’s Nashville style “Tele” riffs combined with Sheldon’s Tennessee laden vocal twang, they’re everything you’d want in a country rock band. Kudos guys!

Don’t forget to check out our “Tour Dates” page for details on all of our June Schedule.

~Suntanned Love~

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt

May Poop Scoop

Hey, hey, hey *in my best Fat Albert voice* it’s May! I have many apologies this month. First off, sorry for being so late with this month’s Poop Scoop. I was a little tied up at the beginning of the month, but with good reason. My parents celebrated 50 years of marriage on May 2nd! That’s right…five-oh! It was an emotional day. They had to start off their morning…in mourning. Our family dog, Caesar passed away. He was the fifth kid in our family and my folks were pretty sad. However, we’d spent months planning an awesome shindig for later that evening and they didn’t want us to have to reschedule. So they slapped on a brave face and came to the party. I’m pretty sure the saving grace, was that my sister Patty and her son Marky unexpectedly flew in from Colorado for the event. I can’t decide what part was cooler, seeing the look on my mom and dad’s face when Patty and Marky finally popped out from hiding in my bathroom, the part where my brother Chris (and my ceiling) got drenched from the exploding champagne (Totally my fault...I left it in the freezer, duh!), or how excited my mom looked when the surprise fancy-schmancy limo came to pick them up for dinner. All in all, it was a wonderful, love-filled occasion and I’m sure Caesar was looking down on all of us with his big brown eyes, wagging his puffy tail.

The second apology goes out to all who came to the Melbourne Art Festival expecting a 45-minute set from us, only to get a 20-minute show. No hard feelings to those in charge, there were a lot of really great acts and these things happen when you’re trying to squeeze in so much in one festival. Besides the little schedule snafu, we were treated like total rock stars! I’m talking roadies scrambling to unload our gear, a green room area, huge stage, and an amazing sound system. We even had these super cool dog tags as our stage passes. We were still wearing them days after the show…does that make us total goobers? We had an incredible time and hope we get invited back next year.

The final apology is for all who came out to the Patio last Sunday. We were asked to start at 4:00pm instead of our usual 7:00pm. We had folks showing up to see us just as we were finishing up! It was frustrating for us so they have decided to switch us back to the original time, 7:00pm. Sorry about that. So just to reiterate, we are at The Patio in Vero Beach, every Sunday starting at 7:00pm. Whew! Confusing enough?

Now that I’ve gotten all the apologies out of the way, let me tell you about a couple of upcoming shows. On May 15th, we are tentatively scheduled to perform at the Sunrise Theatre for the Ft. Pierce Main street Spring Wine Tasting Event. The part we’re not sure of is whether we’ll be in the theatre lobby or outside on the sidewalk. Check our tour dates page for show info. On May 23rd at 7:00pm, we’ll be putting on a concert at the Sebastian River High School. Tickets are $10.00 at the gate and all the proceeds will benefit the Indian River County Humane Society. We’re really excited to be able to play a small part in helping this great organization. So come on out and help some dogs while listening to some Dogz. Speaking of furry friends…there is a really great dog named Survivor that’s looking for a home. If you’re interested in adopting, please contact Debbie Dalrymple (786) 897-3810 or email at

Be sure to check out our “Tour Dates” page for details on all our May shows.

~Mommy Hugs~


"Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.
~ Eskimo Proverb
(Thank you Caesar, we’ll miss you)



April Poop Scoop

First off, I want to give a big ole hug to all who sent us such overwhelming messages of love and congratulations on our engagement. I don’t mean a quick pat on the back courtesy hug, either. I’m talkin’ a full-on body press enveloped in love, careful you might crack a rib, kind of hug. Mmmmm….can you feel it? A thousand thank you’s.

Our show at the Sebastian River High School Concert Series was unfortunately post-poned until May due to soggy skies. Our humble apologies to those who made the drive only to arrive at a canceled show! I would particularly like to thank Keith the electrician and his awesome wife for braving the highways on their hogs (that’s motorcycles in biker-eese) even in the poopy weather, only to end up calling the cops….err…umm…I mean police officers. Why the need for law enforcement, you ask? I mean it’s not as though Sleepin’ Dogz shows are known for causing beer bottle flinging bar brawls or the like. No…nothing that exciting. Some moron locked their keys in their truck. Okay…it was our truck and the moron was me, but it was an innocent mistake! But on the upside, we did get to hang out with some really nice folks and discuss the musical genius of Kelly Ritchie while awaiting rescue. Another fine example of just how awesome our fans really are!

We have a few exciting shows lined up for this month. First off we’ll be performing at the Hibiscus Festival in Vero Beach, FL on Saturday, April 18th. It’s a yearly celebration to increase awareness of the historic downtown sector, and raise funds for the sponsoring non-profits that work towards the preservation and growth of the area. This will be the third year we’ve had the chance to perform at this fun, all day event! 5,000 people attended last year. There will be all kinds of art, 12 music acts, and plenty of food and drinks. It’s free and the best part…it’s doggie friendly! Yay! We’ll be doing an hour long set starting at 2:00pm at the street stage in front of Bodega Blue.

Then on the 24th, we’ll be performing in Nance Park at the Indialantic Friday at Fifth Festival. That’s a lot of “f’s”! Their theme will be Spring Fling so they’ll be featuring all kinds of plants and green products in addition to food venders and children’s activities. It’s unfortunately not doggie friendly (except of course for us) however it’s another free event!

Sunday the 26th finds us at the Melbourne Art Festival. This is a huge two-day event that saw over 60,000 people last year! We’re so excited to finally have a chance to perform there. We’ll be laying out a 45 minute set at noon on the main stage. There will be juried fine art, music all day long, food and yes…it is also FREE! Are we a recession friendly band or what?!

We will also be playing at a couple of new venues this month. Well…one of them is an old new venue. Remember the Fisherman’s Wharf in Ft. Pierce? Well now it’s called 12-A Buoy and we’ll be rocking out there a couple of times this month. Also new to our venue list will be The Patio in Vero. For all the details of these shows as well as the rest of our April schedule, visit our Tour Dates page.

~Chocolate Bunnies and Jelly Bean Dreams~

“How can you consider flower power outdated? The essence of my lyrics is the desire for peace and harmony. That's all anyone has ever wanted. How could it become outdated?”

~ Robert Plant Led Zeppelin





March Poop Scoop

Well…March is upon us and I’m going to, pardon the pun, spring right into some exciting news! I guess my little Valentine’s Day newsletter conjured up the Casanova in Leo. Forgive me for being…shall we say…Gumpesque, but my life that morning was exactly like the box of chocolates left on the spotless kitchen counter for me to discover. Not only did he clean the kitchen, he also accompanied the chocolates with two beautiful bouquets of purple and yellow tulips, a squishy pair of pink slippers, a Swiss Army Knife (What…I really wanted one!), and a mushy, romantic card. As far as I was concerned, Leo received an “A+” in V-Day romanticism. Imagine my teary-eyed surprise when he then proceed to blow me completely away by asking me to marry him! Yea, you read it right….we’re FINALLY gonna make it official. *Sigh* Can you see the little hearts popping over my head? We’re both really happy. I just wanted to share our joy with you, our awesome fans.

Okay…on to more news. The Dogz are going through a little metamorphosis. We’ve decided to do a little experimenting with an invisible band. What I mean by this is that we’re slowly adding pre-recorded bass and drum tracks to the songs. That way when we play, Leo can rock out with his electric guitar instead of his acoustic all the time. I can belt it out a little harder, too! We’ve allowed ourselves to get a little stagnant and we figured this would be a good way to make the show more exciting for everyone including ourselves! You can only do the sleepy acoustic duo thing for so long before you’re dying to rock peoples faces off! Since we can’t afford to pay a full band and still make any kind of living, it seems the logical choice for us. Now I realize there’s a bit of a stigma involved with using backing tracks. The words “cheesy” and “cornball” come to mind. However, these tracks were recorded by real musicians, playing actual instruments, rather than simulated stuff. We think it’s pretty cool. We’re going to be sneaking them in a little at time so you never know when it’ll happen. You’ll just have to come out to the show and experience a little face rocking for yourself. We hope you’ll like it, too!

This month we'll be performing at the Ft. Pierce Art Walk on Wednesday the 11th. It’s a sidewalk art show in the historic downtown area featuring artists, sculptors, and craftsmen discussing history, themes, and technique. They’ll even be showcasing the notorious Highwaymen. We’ll be doing our thing in front of the law offices of Jeffrey H. Garland, P.A at 102 North 2nd Street starting around 5 PM.

Then on the 14th, we’ll be performing at the 17th Annual Pelican Island Wildlife Festival at Riverview Park in Sebastian, Fl. This is a wonderful festival created to promote and support the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge. There will be plenty of other bands and activities all day. Festival is from 10am - 4pm. With free parking, free admission, and free activities, there’s no reason why you should go! It’s totally recession friendly! Just give what you can. Sleepin’ Dogz will perform one long set at 11:45am. We’re all about preserving the naycha.

On the 21st, we’ll be putting on a show for the Sebastian River High School Concert Series in the courtyard. Tickets are $10.00, which goes directly towards the Sleepin’ Dogz starvin’ artist fund. Show starts at 7:00pm and goes until around 9:30ish.

For more details on these and all the other March shows, visit our “Tour Dates” page.

Jeannie soon-to-be-Burke (*sigh*)

"Music has been my playmate, my lover, and my crying towel."
~ Buffy Sainte-Marie

February Poop Scoop

Ahhhh…February…the month for lovers…*sigh* Don’t you just LOVE, love? I know I do. Yea, I’m a cornball, but hey I AM a chick after all! We dig flowers and mushy cards! Guys…a little helpful hint for ya…if your gal says, “I don’t need any of that stuff honey, I know you love me.” Don’t fall for it…it’s a TRAP! She’s totally bluffing! So you betta get yo’ butt down to Hallmark…oh…also…do not get her a funny card, either. Giving her a funny card on V-Day you might as well just say, “Babe, can I sleep on the couch?” Trust me on this one guys, when in doubt, go with flowery and romantic…it’s a winner every time. I hope I’m not coming off as the Valentine nazi! I’m just a friend trying to offer you a few golden nuggets of wisdom to make sure everyone is gettin’ plenty of sweet lovin’. A pal-entine, if you will. No? Ok…I’m a goober…sorry.

So speaking of pals, here’s some neat info about our friend Sarah Mac. For those of you who don’t know, Sarah may be a rockstar by night, but she’s also a social worker by day. This occupation brings her in contact with some amazing people. She’s actually in Africa right now traveling with this noble organization called Unseen Stories. They work to bring awareness to the atrocities of human trafficking. She’s meeting with different government officials in Benin and visiting various villages to educate parents and children about the problem. I’m so awestruck by her selflessness and bravery I just had to share the news with you. When I grow up…I wanna be Sarah.

This month we’ll be sticking around the home front. If you’re looking for a nice, romantic place to bring your lovah for a Valentine’s Day dinner, come to the Osceola Street Cafe in Stuart. We’ll be performing our intimate, mellow show starting around 7ish. Think of it… a little candle lit, delicious dinner…luscious Leo laying out some sexy grooves on his guitar all while I’m gently singing Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”. Hmmmmm…could be a great way to not end up on the couch…unless you’re into that kinda thing.

Be sure to check our Tour Dates page for the skinny on all our Feb shows.

~Chocolate Covered Caresses~

"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
~Billy Crystal, from the movie "When Harry Met Sally"



January Poop Scoop

Happy New Year! Yea… I know I’m a little late in getting out this month’s Poop Scoop. I’m so sorry about that! I have no excuse other than to say that I’m a horrible procrastinator, which of course is on my list of “Things About Myself That Need Work” for this year’s resolutions. Well… the list is sort of still in my head…I haven’t gotten around to actually writing it yet, hence the procrastination problem. It’s a vicious cycle!
May the Gods help me mend my slacka ways!

Well last month we had a tentative show booked at The Copper Rocket in Maitland that actually came into fruition and let me tell you people…I’m sure glad it DID! We showed up at the venue not knowing what to expect since we’ve never played there before. We like to keep our expectations on the low side so as to avoid being disappointed. I know, I know…it’s kind of a pessimistic way of looking at things. (Also going on the list) But hey…if you think you’re going to have a stinky time and it DOES in fact stink, you’re prepared…and if it actually turns out awesome (which in this case it did) it’s like…ten times more awesomeerer! Let’s just start by saying it was such a great venue! I mean the groovy vibe there is very tangible. We were one of three acts to perform for their Southern Fried Sunday’s concert series. Its such a cool idea…they put out this amazing, home cooked spread of delicious eats and have several bands perform. They were even thoughtful enough to put out some vegetable casseroles for the vegetarians. The bonus for us was having a chance to hear Thomas Wynn and the Believers. Blew. Our. Minds! They are sooo good. I mean…just ridiculously good! Then to top it off Big Jef Special finished the show with some smoking hot rock-a-billy with Anthony Cole from Mofro (another awesome band) sitting in on drums. All in all…a fantastic time for us.

Another show that was equally mind blowing (side note: I hate to overuse the term for fear of it losing it’s potency but it certainly applies) was when we returned to our favorite St. Pete spot, Pro Star Sound Stage. Dawn Willey was simply amazing even though I mispronounced her name into the mic about 10 times! (Sorry, Dawn...I’m such a GOOBER) Her rendition of Bette Middler’s “The Rose” left everyone riddled with goosebumps. Finishing off the night was the captivating Adrianne. Oh, by the way, when I told you guys about her in December’s Poop, I gave you some bad info (imagine that). I said her music was on Grey’s Anatomy when in actuality, it’s a show called One Tree Hill. Either way…it’s cool to have your music on a TV show! With her uniquely beautiful voice, her painfully personal lyrics, and her witty stories in between, she is a definite treat. Another magical night for the Dogz.

Be sure to check out our Tour Dates page for details on our January schedule.
In this new year, we wish you peace, joy, prosperity, love and of course... hope.


“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”
~Martin Luther King Jr.





December Poop Scoop

So, are we all feeling freakin' jolly or what?! With all the eating that's continued to take place since Thanksgiving, Leo and I are feeling...well let's just say...Santaesque. I'm so sorry it's taken so long to get out the December Poop Scoop. I've been preoccupied since I've temporarily taken on...gulp...a DAY JOB!!!! (Yes, you read it right) It's been a loooong time since I've had to start my day with the obnoxious, heart stopping sound of an alarm clock and frankly um...yeeeaaa...I'm not likin' it! But the people I work for are awesome beings that I love all ta pieces, so that makes it bearable. I'll be done with it soon and be back on the musical horse more focused and certainly more appreciative of the alarmclockless lifestyle to which I've grown accustomed.

With the Holiday Season upon us, it's so easy to get freaked out! I mean there's the hectic panic of shopping, mailing out cards, wrapping gifts, climbing through hot, dusty attics to pull down boxes of sparkly, shiny what-nots, dealing with huge balls of tangled Christmas tree lights.... yadda, yadda, yadda. Before you hall off and clock the rude person that shoves passed you in line at the mall in a despirate attempt to get that one, perfect gift, let's try to slow down and remember what this time of year really represents....STRESS...oh...uh... I mean LOVE! That's right, the miracle of love, togetherness, and the appreciation of blessings. Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Floober's Day (ok, I made that one up) that's the common theme and I like it.

So this month we'll not only be performing at our usual home based venues like Osceola Street Cafe and Waldo's, we'll also be returning to the West Coast of Florida for a couple of shows. First we'll be at the Palm Pavillion in Clearwater Beach on Thurs Dec 11th. It's literally right on the Gulf and it's beautiful. Then on Sat the 13th we return to our FAVORITE venue of all, Pro Star Sound Stage in St. Pete! This will be an amazing showcase as we share the night with fantastic singer-songwriters, Dawn Willey and Adrianne. Adrianne has had her music featured in the TV show Grey's Anatomy! We’re not worthy!!! Tickets are 20.00 which includes a delicious shrimp cocktail, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, alfredo tortellini, antipasto platter, chocolate fountain, and holiday punch! Doors open at 7:00 pm and the show starts at 8:00 pm. So come on out to support original music and have both yer belly and soul filled with goodness! We're also excited to have a show pending for Sunday, Dec 21st at the Copper Rocket in Maitland, Florida (near Orlando). Be sure to visit our tour dates page and check for details on this show as well as all of our appearances.

Well, that pretty much wraps up Dec and the rest of 2008 for that matter! So as you're watching the ball drop this year, be safe and know that we are surrounding you with positive vibes of love and appreciation.



"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover"
Mark Twain


November Poop Scoop

Okay people....*in my best southern preacher voice* is the time-uh, to riiiiiiise up-uh... and have your voices-uh... be heard-uh!!!! That's right, put down the remote control, step away from the Guitar Hero (which is tough to do, I know) and CAST YOUR VOTE!! Whatever political party you are affiliated with, be it Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian(what the hell IS that, anyway?)or anything in between, you will not be allowed to have any complaints about the condition of things unless you VOTE. Who wants to miss out on a great opportunity to complain about stuff? Not me! I love to complain! :D

Speaking of getting out the vote, Leo and I would like to thank all of you who took the time to vote for us in the Deland Original Music Festival competition. We had a blast at the Festival! We didn't actually win, BUT we were finalists for song of the year (Shaykitoph) and Leo for musician of the year. That's pretty cool, right? We received so much love and lucky wishes from so many of you guys, we feel like winners anyway! So yaaaaay, we love you, too! Which brings me to another point...with Thanksgiving just around the corner(that's right, I said it), it's caused me to reflect on just how blessed Leo and I really are. Not simply just for the creators of Tofurky,(because what else do you get to eat when you're a vegetarian on Thankgiving?!), but for a huge myriad of things. I mean, we get to play music for a living, it gets a little tight sometimes but we're able to make it work, we have our health and the health of our families, we have amazing friends that we can always count on, we've got our beautiful kids (Pig Pen and Melody), we're in love and we have the most dynamite, supportive fans! So how's that for a grocery list of goodness?!

I'd like to take a moment to give a props to our friend Amy Steinberg. I had the wonderful opportunity to go see her one woman play called "Oh my God, Don't Stop!" Cuillo Centre For The Arts in West Palm Beach. It is an absolutely BRILLIANT play written and performed by Amy, with fabulous musical accompaniment by one of our favorite people, Keith Berger of Borderline, a cool band from Boca Raton. Here's what the Palm Beach Post had to say about it, "Both sacred and profane, Amy explores the topics of spirituality and sexuality, searching for the many connections that exist between the two and the experiences her characters share." It just wonderful and I highly recommend you check it out. Not for the kiddies, but a must see for the adults!

We'd also like to give a big YAAAAAYYYY to Leo's sister and her family's band Shae Laurel for making their first trip to perform in Ireland! Shae Laurel consists of amazing sis Janet, her lively husband Andrew, and their four vivacious kids: Andy, Jessica, Kathryn, and Christian. They perform all over the world doing a mix of Celtic, Traditional Irish and great original music. They were, of course a smash hit in Ireland, and we are just sooooo proud of them!

Okay, onto our November shows. We'll be making our second appearance at Orlando Brewing Company on Nov 7th! We had a ball last time and are looking forward to our return. On the 9th, we will make an attempt at savin' our souls-uh by performing at the Unity Church in the Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens. We'll be playing a couple of songs at both the 9am service and the 11am service (as long as we don't burst into flames upon entering the building). It's a new adventure for us so we're very excited! On the 23rd, we'll be playing in a different garden, the Heathcote Botanical Gardens, that is. We'll be helping them celebrate the 21st Annual Garden Festival, one of the largest Fall garden exhibits on the Treasure Coast! It goes on from 9-4 with a $6 admission at the gate. We also have a few shows lined up at our home venues like Waldo's, Osceola Street Cafe, our new Brevard venue The Cove, and a show at Tradition in Port St. Lucie. For details on all of our November performances, stop by our Tour Dates page.

A quick reminder, don't forget to send us your pics. If you have pictures of a live Sleepin' Dogz show, your pets (anything from reptiles to canines to rocks!), your beautiful selves, or just something you want to share...we want it all! Just email it to me at

~Hot taters and tofurkey love~


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

October Poop Scoop

How I love the haunting winds of Fall, and October is my favorite month of all! Candy and gourds and debates...oh my!
I have a lot of stuff I want to tell you about for this month so I'll get right to it. First of all, we are so excited to find that we have been nominated for a few awards for the 8th Annual Songwriters Showcase of America! I am so tickled to see I'm up for best songwriter of the year, Leo for best musician of the year, and the Sleepin' Dogz for best act of the year! Can you believe it?! your mission...should you chose to accept to help us actually win by casting your votes at the SSA Website. In order to place your vote you may have to enable your cookies on your browser by following the steps they've outlined on their site. After you're done you can reset your cookies to your original setting. I know it's a bit of a hassle, but you'll be helping us out a bunch!

In addition to our favorite home based venues this month, we have a few special shows we'd like to tell you about. We kick off the month with a gig that seems taylor made for us...Yappy Hour at Tradition. This is a doggie social where folks and their furry friends come together to shake hands and sniff butts...a perfect venue for the Sleepin' Dogz! We dig any gig where we can bring our Melody. They'll be doing an early Halloween celebration with a pet-parade-costume contest. There will be prizes and many pet related vendors. It all takes place Thurs, Oct 2nd, at Tradition Square in Port St. Lucie, FL. from 6-8 pm. For more info call 772-240-8933

Then on Friday the 3rd, we hit the road for a quick jaunt to Tallahassee to share the night with our best musical buds the Sarah Mac Band at The Warehouse. Doors open at 8:30, show starts at 9:00. Tickets are $7.00 at the door. We're such fans, we can hardly WAIT!

On Friday the 24th, we'll be performing a couple of searing sets at the Vero Beach Downtown Friday Fest . We'll be sharing the night with the blues based rock band the John Quinlivan Band . The party is held on 14th Avenue between 20th and 21st Streets in historic downtown Vero Beach from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. We'll be performing in front of the fountain starting around 6:15pm. I think the last time we played there, I was in my old band Elegant Mess and Leo was in Smoking Man! Anyone been around long enough to remember those days!? So needless to say, we're excited to return to the Downtown Friday Fest stage.

Thurs the 29th head back to Orlando as we make our debut at The Peacock Room. Joining us will be O-towns own Preacher Bill, Stephen Rock (great name), and Jonathan Silva. There's no cover and the show starts at 10:30 pm.

Finally, October 30th brings us back home as we perform at the first ever "A Day of Unity" women's gathering. This is a fundraiser at the Vero Beach Community Center benefitting SWAN (Sheroes Women Association Network). SWAN is a non-profit organization that provides social services to women who have been victims of domestic violence. The event will feature live music, food, guest speakers, and a raffle. Our favorite Sebastian duo Hair Peace will also be there laying our their tasty jams. For more information call 772-581-9688.

We'll also be performing shows at our home based venues such as Waldo's, Osceola Street Cafe, and Ft. Pierce Farmer's Market. For details on all our upcoming shows, be sure to check out our Tour Dates page.

~Tricks and Treats~

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. "
~ Dalai Lama

September Poop Scoop

So here we are slap in the middle of hurricane season and I think Posiden is taking a little pent up frustration out on us! Maybe he sat on his trident?! Nothin' a little sweet lovin' from Aphrodite couldn't fix. :)

So Leo and I are preparing to have some new promo photos done but we've been feeling a We decided to give the "Cabbage Soup Diet" a try. I figured, "Why not? What do I have to lose besides my plumping posterior?" Besides, Leo's Irish! If a meal has either potatoes, cabbage, or beer... it's a winner. It's worked pretty well so far however, there is one draw back...let's just say... we've been stepping on a lot of ducks and our house has been overrun with barking spiders! This isn't the worst diet we've attempted though. The WORST diet EVER is known as the "Lemonade Diet" or as Leo and I affectionately call it...the "Poop Your Pants Diet". Oh yes folks, it's THAT bad. Let's just hope we never have to go down that road again. We look forward to another photo shoot! We had a blast with Melody at our last one. She's such a superstar!

Our schedule this month begins with a maiden voyage to Orlando Brewing on Friday, Sept 5th. We don't often get opportunities to perform in Orlando. So for all you O-Town peeps, this is your chance to come out and show some love to the Dogz! I'd like to take this opportunity to plug an upcoming show of one of our dear friends and fellow songwriter, Lorna Bracewell. Leo and I first met Lorna over a year ago. We are constantly baffled at the talent level and depth of writing for someone so young. Regarding her voice someone was once quoted as saying, "She sounds like an angel that swallowed Bob Seger" and I pretty much think they nailed it on the HEAD! So if you're in the PSL area on the 17th, you simply MUST check her out at Les Beans.

A special thanks to those of you who have sent in pictures of your critters for us to proudly display on our Dogz Dogs page! Keep 'em coming!

The rest of the month we will be hanging at the homestead performing shows at our favorite venues such as Osceola Street Cafe, The Moorings Club, and of course, Waldo's. Until Posiden has relaxed a bit, we don't want to travel too far from home base. Gotta batten down the hatches and all. Be sure to check out our Tour Dates page for details on all of our shows.

~Stay Safe~

"No matter what language we speak, what color we are, the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith,
music proves: We are the same
~ John Denver



August Poop Scoop

August already...can you believe it? Next thing you know we'll be relentlessly pummeled with Mariah Carey's melismatic voice singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" in every grocery store and mall in America! Where is this year going? I'm having trouble keeping track! Well...we had some adventures over the past week or two. Some of it being awesome... like spending time with our best buddies Rachel and Chris at a beautiful lodge in Virginia where Leo had...get this...his very FIRST ever, I mean his whole LIFE!! We've posted some pictures of it on our site. It was quite a site to behold! We also had a chance to play "Guitar Hero" for the first time. Let's just say, I'm glad I don't have it at home! Why? Let's just flash to a month from now...picture our pasty, sunken-eyed faces, racked with delirium from sleep deprivation and hunger because can't figure out a way to feed ourselves without releasing our death grip on those little plastic guitars. wouln't be pretty. Definitely an addictive game! Some adventures being my root pics of THAT on our site! Ewwwww! But all in all, we're focused, feeling dandy and ready to tackle another month.

We'll be pretty much sticking to the East Coast this month with shows at some of our favorite home based venues such as Waldo's, The Moorings Club and Osceola Street Cafe. We will also be performing a few sets at the Stuart Green Market for the first time. We know we usually have a blast at the Ft. Pierce Market, so we're excited to check out Stuart's!
We're working on booking some dates with our BFFB (best friends forever band as dubbed by Sarah herself) the The Sarah Mac Band. We're thinking some time in the fall. We love them and can't wait to share the stage with them again! We'll keep you posted.

Just a reminder, don't forget to send us pictures of your pets for our Dogz Dogs section of our website. It was initially ment for just dogs, however, it's evolved into displaying pets of aaaaallll kinds. It started when I felt guitly about having our pup Melody on there and not our beautiful cat Pig Pen. Now we feature everything from Melvin the potbellied piggy, to Smitty the fridge dwelling kitty, to doe-eyed alpacas, and leapin' lizards. So if you have a critter you would like displayed on the coveted Sleepin' Dogz site, just email them to me at


"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything."

~ Plato


July Poop Scoop

July, with her juicy sky…every afternoon, she has a good cry! Anyone else diggin’ on the daily showers? The rain that is…although, you should certainly dig on a daily shower, too. I mean, you don’t want to be all stinky! Unless that’s your thing…in which case…hey, who am I to judge? (*sniff, sniff*…phew!)

So…are we feeling independent this month? Well then, let’s celebrate! On Thursday, July 3rd, Leo and I will be gearing up for the holiday weekend as we rock out on one of our favorite watering holes, Waldo's in Vero Beach. Then we will be heading up to Eustis, an adorable little town just North West of Orlando, for their 4th of July Celebration. It will be held in the Historic Downtown area & Ferran Park, 6-10pm. There will be fireworks at sundown, a parade at 7:30pm, 3 stages of music, kids stuff, food, beer, wine, & it’s all FREE! Woohooo!! We’ll be doing a few sets starting at 6pm on the “Alexander” Stage.

On the 11th , we’ll be hittin’ the deck at The Cove in Satellite Beach. Then on the 12th and again on the 18th, we return to our Stuart home-away-from-home Osceola Street Cafe, for a few sets of reaaaally laid back (I’m talkin’ lowww key) versions of our tunes. We absolutely LOVE Lauren, Amy, Marilyn and the rest of the crew at Osceola. They are so freakin’ nice and the food there ROCKS!

Next we do an early morning show at the Ft. Pierce Farmer's Market on July 19th (my mom’s birthday). Music begins around 9am…that’s right A.M…and goes till around noon. For those of you who have yet to come out to the Market let me just say you’re really missing out. Ok…I know what you’re thinking, “The Ft. Pierce WHAT?” But it is soooo cool….that’s right…I said it! I mean, picture this…you’re casually strolling along the beautiful Indian River, the sun is sparkling off the water as it gently laps against the seawall. You’re munching on an orgasmically delicious danish from Joe at Mr. Bread's Artisan Bakery and perusing the fresh, locally grown veggies of Sal & Holly at Varri Green Farm. All while listening to your favorite duo (ummm…that would hopefully be us) perform their hearts out!

We finish up the month with a double header on the 26th as we party by the pool at Waldo's in Vero Beach at 1pm and then high-tail it to Satellite Beach as we return to The Cove at 6pm ish. I say ‘ish’ because we may run into some delays heading up there. But who am I kidding? Pretty much all of our gigs are on an ‘ish’ basis. Anyone who know us knows that we’re a bit…let’s just say…punctually challenged.

Other news, we now have two color choices for the tanks. Now you have your choice of pretty pink, and yummy yellow. FYI, if you order them at our website, please keep in mind that the spaghetti tanks run very small. So if you usually wear a med, I’d order a large or even an XL if you like your shirts loose. Conversely, the regular style t-shirts run a little big…just to make it more complicated…so if you usually wear a large, I’d order a med. I know…big pain in the rump…but they are really awesome shirts…totally worth the confusion!

So that wraps up the month of July. Please celebrate safely! Don’t forget to stop by our 'Tour Dates' page for changes and updates in our schedule.

Ooooos and Aaaaahhhhs,

"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace."
John Lennon

June Poop Scoop

June…in Florida…whew! I walked out our front door today and literally almost burst into flames! Nothing quite like spontaneously combusting to start off your day. It's been mighty pretty, though. Leo and I spent last Sunday on an awesome boat with our bestest fwenz Chris and Rachel. Yeah…we were living like the rock stars we wanna be… sipping on ice-cold beer, tooling around the beautiful Indian River. Apparently I didn't wear enough sunscreen. I, in turn, developed a very intimate relationship with a can of solarcaine. Definitely worth it!

Ok…. enough about my shiny, red patooty…let's get to some June news. First off…what do you guys think of our beautiful new website?! Isn't it fabulous?! We love it. Once again I've gotta give a shout out to Chrissy at for everything she did to create the site we've always wanted. Here's something we're doing for a little fun. In our “Photos” page there's a section called Dogz Dogs. This is where we would love to display all our fan's doggie pics. So if you have a portrait of your precious pooch, email it our way via

This month we're gonna to be on Florida's West Coast…A LOT. We kick things off on Thurs the 5 th as we make our maiden voyage to Clearwater's Palm Pavilion . It's a cool little place located directly on Clearwater Beach. Next it's back to Channelside in Tampa when we return to the swingin' Stump's Supperclub on Friday the 6 th and then rip it up at the Channelside Courtyard Sat the 7 th . Then it's a barrage of Green Iguana shows. Sunday it's back to Green Iguana's Veteran's location for a chilled out afternoon jam. Thursday the 12 th we get down to the nitty gritty in Ybor City.

Friday the 13 th (oooOOOooowoogie boogie) we try our luck at our first appearance at the North Westshore Location . Sunday the 15 th it's a double header when we have the joy of being one of the many musical acts to perform at Amore's Restaurant in Venice, Fl. for the 2 nd annual Stir The Soul Reunion Show . We wrap up our West Coast whirlwind later that night at the Green Iguana in St. Pete !

Finally, we return to the East Coast to get in on some much needed home time. We'll be at the Ft. Pierce Farmer's Market , Cobb's Landing, and our beloved Osceola Street Café in Stuart.

Be sure to check out our Tour Dates page for all the juicy little details of the entire June Schedule.

~Sunshine and Glee~

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
- Jimi Hendrix

May Poop Scoop
Me-Oh-My it's MMMMMMay! Lots of things blooming and growing…like my butt! Funny, I don't remember it being this size when I put on my bathing suit this time last year. I guess Leo and I are going to have to add a few more miles to our daily run! Speaking about my butt…how about those gas prices?! It's easy to get freaked out about how expensive it's gotten (gas…not my butt). I've decided to try and work on quieting the panic welling up within myself by meditating. It's pretty cool actually. I think all of us should take a moment in the day to step outside, close your eyes, listen to the wind rustling through the trees and focus on a little inner peace. Let's all try it now together… oooohhhhmmmmm, ooohhhhhmmmm, oooooohhhhhmmmm... ahhhhh that's better.

You know what else makes me feel better? Listening to great music. Let me just say if you haven't check out the Sarah Mac Band yet, you are missing out! We had such an amazing time in Tallahassee when we had the privilege of opening for the SMB at their CD release show. Their latest project, “Awakening” is brilliant! You don't have to take our word for it, check out the April addition of the National music magazine “Paste ”. How cool is that!?? We love them and wish them much success.

Oh ya, we had our picture on the front page of the Press Journal Lifestyle section for the Hibiscus Festival in Vero Beach. We'll it's a pic of the back of my head (my best side) and Leo's guitar-shredding hand, but we thought it was pretty cool. It was a great time!

Ok, so this month we should be launching our new and gorgeous website! Yaaaayyyy!! You'll be able to check out our schedule, news, pics, and buy our CD's, Digital Downloads, and our beautiful new T-shirts. It's been built by the talented Chrissy Trujillo at She does excellent work and I can't say enough great things about her. If you or someone you know needs a site, Chrissy is your girl!

The first weekend of the month, we are making our way back to Florida's West Coast as we take on Tampa once again. Leo is going to sell one of his kidneys to pay for the fuel…isn't that sweet? (breathe….ooohhhmmm…it's ok…) May 1 st and 2 nd , we'll be taking on Ybor City. Thursday we hit Green Iguana for a late show. Friday, we will be the Featured Artists at Tre Amici @ the Bunker. Saturday, it's a swingin' time at Stumps Supper Club in the Shoppes at Channelside. Sunday we'll be wrapping up a great weekend by doing an afternoon show at Green Iguana on Anderson Rd.

Then it's back home to the East Coast for the rest of the month. We have several shows at our favorite Vero venue, Waldo's …wooohooo! We'll also be making our way to Stuart for some laid back, mmmmellow shows at the Osceola Street Café. We'll also be traveling to Satellite Beach as we make a couple of return visits to The Cove. We had a blast last time we were there.

So that's May in a nutshell. Be sure to check out our “Tour Dates” page for show details and updates. Don't forget, if you want the Sleepin' Dogz to come to your town, please email me at with the venue info. We will do our damnedest to make it happen!


Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.
- Albert Einstein

March 2008 Poop Scoop:

Is it really March already?  Wow!  I've barely had time to forget about my New Year's resolutions!  We're working on finishing up our DVD which will be available to you very soon!  We've had to put our latest CD "Plenty of Sky" on hold temporarily.  But don't worry, it'll happen.  We've decided as a special little treat to record a couple of the tracks from the newest CD in an intimate, all acoustic form and put them on the DVD.  See?  We really do love you guys! 

We'll be returning to our beloved Florida's West Coast once again this month with shows lined up from the 6th thru the 9th.  We'll be making our first appearance at two of the venues, The Green Iguana Westshore location on the 6th, and The Green Iguana in St. Pete on the 7th.  We'll be returning to the groovy Stump's Supper Club on the 8th, and finishing up our Tampa trip at the Green Iguana on Anderson on the 9th.  What can we say?  We have a thing for lizards! :) 

On The 21st we'll be performing for the first time at  The Cove in Satellite Beach, Fl.  I hear it's a very cool atmosphere out on the deck, so we're really looking forward to the jam.  Tell all of your beautiful, Brevard buddies!

On the 29th, the Dogz will be making our first trip to Tally for the 2008 Springtime Tallahassee Festival ! It's one of the largest festivals in the Southeast and is voted one of the top 20 Events in Florida. The festival inlcudes a Parade with over 70,000 participants, Jubilee in the Park featuring hand crafted items, a Children's Park, four local entertainment stages, and national entertainment acts. The festival brings over 200,000 visitors to the Tallahassee area.  We can't WAIT to expose ourselves to 200,000 people!  Oh...wait...uh...expose our MUSIC that is!  You know what I mean.  We'll be returning to Tally next month to perform as the opening act for the oh-so-sexy Sarah Mac Band  for they're huge CD release show.  We are soooo flattered that they asked us to be a part of this awesome night!  Details to come.

Don't forget, we are always looking for new places to lay out some Dogz jams!  If you would like us to come to your town, please let us know.  Just email me at with the venue info, and we'll make it happen.  We sho' do love you!    

To check out the details of all our March shows please visit our " Tour Dates" page.

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