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With You
Written By: Jeannie Blatus

The sun's seeping, sly slowly sneaking.
The light's lightly leaking though.
I stretch yawning. A new day is dawning.
I'll spend it with you.

Maybe we'll soak in the sunrise by the sea.
Caressing sandy skin within a salt laden breeze.
I'll serenade you if you'll listen till we are kissing
Beneath the moon.

Love, you seek it. I've got a secret.
I'll share it with you.

We could walk the wood and wander 'neath the trees.
Roll amongst the sweet grass and the fresh fallen leaves.
I'll show you things that you are seeking.
We'll talk without speaking, touching in tune.

Two entwined, we'll take our time.
I'm so in love with you.
With you. With you.

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