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Change Is Good
Written By: Jeannie Blatus

Baby, baby, baby things sure change. I'm not the girl that I was yesterday.
Maybe, maybe, maybe it's just my age. A little older now but that's ok.

Reminiscing on my younger days, and how everyone evolves in their own ways. I'm curious to see how tomorrow differs from today.
Cuz everything could change, but that's ok.

Lately, lately, lately I feel so strange. Like I'm floating fifty feet above the stage.
Maybe, maybe, maybe it's just a phase. A little bolder now but that's ok.

Reminiscing on a younger face, and how everyone revolves in their own space.
Running around in frantic circles trying to find their place, when everything could
Change but that's ok.

There is no point in trying to race, because we become who we are at our own pace.
So take the time to appreciate the uniqueness of your own face
Cuz everyone is strange, but that's ok.
Nothing stays the same, but that's ok.
Everything could change, that's ok.

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